Standard Services

·Complete/Ultrasonic Cleanings

·Checking Feed,Fire, Function

·Fitting New/Aftermarket Parts

·Drill and Tap Receiver or Barrel For Sights or Scope

·In-house Refinishing Parkerizing and Teflon Coating(Seasonal)

·Additional Refinishing Services Available

·Woodwork and Refinishing

·OEM and Aftermarket Parts in Stock

Custom Work

·Cut and Recrown Barrel to 11° Target Crown

·Glass Bed Action, Free Float Barrel

·Fitting Stock For Length of Pull and Drop

·Fitting Recoil Pads and Plates

·Custom Built Tactical and Bench Rest Rifles


·Complete Custom Builds

·Trigger Work

·Fit Match Barrel and Bushing

·Mill Frame for Gold Cup Trigger

·Mill Slide for Novak, Bomar, Wilson Sights

·Frame Alterations, Recontouring, and “Meltdowns”


·Feed Ramp Throating and Polishing

·Cut Frame for  High Rise Beaver Tail Safety

·Install and fit Thumb Safety 

S&W Revolvers

·Retime Cylinder

·Action and Trigger Work

·Change Barrel

·Install Oversized Cylinder Latch and Timing Hand

·Beadblast and Brush Finish Stainless Steel Revolvers

·Install Colored Insert  in Front Sight

·Drill and Tap for Red Dot or Scope

·Install Trigger Stop


Ruger Vaquero/Single Six


       ·Complete Trigger/Action Job

·Free Spin Cylinder Pawl

·Bead Blasting/Jewelling Hammer and Trigger

·Cosmetic Enhancements On Cylinder and Frame

·Bisley Frame Conversions

·Custom Made Grips

·Barrel Cut and Recrowned

·Barrel Text Removal

·Sight Enhancements


S&W M&P, Glock, Springfield XD’s


·Install Night Sights

·Trigger Job and Trigger Kit Installations

·Frame Conversions

·Fit Match Barrel

·Recoil Reduction

Many other services available

Machining Obsolete Parts

Refurbishing Old/Antique Guns


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